Photographer: Victor Hamke - Fine Art Photography
Model: Katharina Melancholia
Assistant: Lidija Maric

“What is it that man wants so much? asks I often; What is the infinity in his chest?”
Friedrich Hölderlin: Hyperion

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Greta Buyspse photography

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El Orfanato (2007)


El Orfanato (2007)

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Is this a still from a lost episode of The Twilight Zone? Nope, it’s a photo of waiters wearing amazing masks in the kitchen of a restaurant in Munich, Germany during Mardi Gras in 1933.

That they have such a long, strange history is one more reason we love our awesome selection of animal masks. The creepy characters in this photo feel like our ancestors. (Although that impressively freaky fellow second from the left looks like he might actually be a Rage Comic grandpa.)

Photo from the Nationaal Archief

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